Supercharge your voucher sales

Promote special offers. Sell event tickets. Create any type of voucher you need.


Track every voucher

From sale to redemption, Voucher Connect lets you pull up the details for any voucher in seconds, and review the balance, date sold., the customer’s email and more. 

You can rest assured that you will always be able to quickly verify and review the history on every voucher sold.

Powerhouse Sales Platform

Voucher Connect is a machine of a product – a management system designed to allow you sell gift vouchers for instant delivery via email or print directly from your website. 


There are options for in-store sales, for postal delivery and to offer your customers special offers that they can buy and pay for in-advance. You can even use the system to sell tickets to your events.  


Your Voucher Connect dashboard will allow you keep an eye on redemptions and will produce beautifully presented statistics to keep the bookkeeper and management team happy.

Unique Voucher Codes

Each voucher product sold is assigned an individual code. This code is unique to your store and is what is used to redeem the voucher – which means it is trackable from sale to redemption, helpful for reporting and avoiding attempts of multiple use.

Anti-Fraud System

As important as it is to have an alarm on your premises, we recognise the importance of keeping your online operations as safe as houses. We have put huge time and effort into the development of a unique fraud prevention system which deploys an intelligent algorithm that can identify potential ‘hackers’ and suspicious transactions which we are immediately alerted to so we can stop the fraud right in its tracks. Done and dusted.

Responsive Design

We’ve tailored our whole platform from the dashboard to the voucher store to suit all user and screen types. The whole system is mobile, tablet and everything ready – ready for selling and ready for earning!

Fully Custom Store & Voucher Products

Voucher Connect provides a fully branded store that sits within your existing website structure, the store is built and designed to match your branding, corporate colours and business style, whether you are a driving school, a Michelin-Star restaurant or a beauty salon. 


We know that your brand is important to you so we’ve worked hard to give you the tools to create amazing templates that reflect your company style. 


Your customers will get stylish gift vouchers that are on-brand, on-message and don’t just look like piece of printed paper or last-minute gift solution. The same goes for the email templates that will be sent to purchasers once they have bought your product to confirm their purchase.

Powerful Reporting

Knowledge is power. With that in mind, your dashboard will give you a wealth of information surrounding the sale and redemption of all voucher products – so you can predict trends, review your exposure on outstanding vouchers, track spends and produce reports for and when you need them.

Enterprise Level Payment Processor

It’s all about the money! So safety and security for all financial transactions is beyond essential. We have partnered with technology company Stripe, who provide the banking infrastructure behind Voucher Connect, who seamlessly handle all of the online payments.

Unrivalled Support

Whether you need assistance at setup or you have questions or queries about redesigning, redeeming, or managing your store at any point, we are there to help! We have a super thorough Help Centre that will answer most of the common FAQs that tend to come up, but we are also there at the end of the phone, and keyboard via email or our chatbot on your dashboard, and are only too happy to help you. 

Standout Management Dashboard

Initiative user control, knowledgable and easy to learn. 


The Voucher Connect dashboard has zero requirements other than a browser and an internet connection. There is no tricky software to install, and the most important elements can be accessed from any mobile device. 


The Dashboard allows you to set up new products, product categories, special offers and promotions as well as allowing you to customise your storefront.

Redemption Kiosk

Within the dashboard we have built in staff permissions – providing a staff-only access level for the purposes of redemption of vouchers ‘on the ground’, keeping financial and other statistics and management information locked down to specified high user-levels only – giving you peace of mind of your business information.

Multiple Product Types

Yes, Voucher Connect allows you sell your business’ vouchers via your website. 

But drilling down from that, what you can offer your customers is so much more, with voucher options including user input; defined monetary (drop-down menu options); fixed price; experience-based, bonus products, and price and store credit mismatch.  

All of these are selectable when building your store initially, but don’t worry, you can make all sorts of changes and additions later on.