How it works

Voucher Connect is voucher sales and management platform that plugs into your existing website and allows you to sell instantly accessible (print, email, and mobile), brandable, vouchers directly from your site. A management dashboard then allows you to redeem and report on vouchers, and do cool things like promoting special offers.

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Simple, straightforward and easy to use for your customers and staff


Quick and easy signup, live in 5 minutes

1. Signup now and we will instantly create a bespoke gift store for you.
2. Embed on your website or have our implementation team do it for you

Connect your website

Compatible with any website. Self or assisted integration.

Customise your storefront

Showcase your brand via your storefront and gift cards.

3. Add additional products or tweak the look and feel of your store via your dashboard
4. Follow our prompts on when and what to promote and watch your sales soar.


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Customer Journey

Simple and easy to use for your customers

  • 1. Visit your website or premises

    The first step is for your customer either purchase directly in store or to visit your own website. Here they will find a 'Gift Vouchers' link / button on a prominent position on your home page. This will discreetly bring them to the Voucher Connect sales platform at the 'backend' of your website.

  • 2. Select a Product

    Customers choose from the products you have available in your store gift vouchers, special offers, tickets or physical goods.

  • 3. Choose a delivery method

    Once they have made a selection the customer chooses how they would like to receive their product. Print at home, email, scheduled email delivery, postal or click and collect.

  • 4. Making the Payment

    Once a customer has made their selection and inputted the details of their purchase they enter their payment details and checkout securely using one of our payment processors.

  • 5. Redeeming a purchase

    The customer presents their voucher in store and using the unique voucher code the voucher is validated and the redemption takes place.

Compatible with all web technologies

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