Voucher Connect cares about your privacy and respects your privacy rights. The policies outlined below are intended to reflect our complete commitment to your privacy.

Voucher Connect does not collect any personal information about you unless you willingly provide it to us. The only details that we collect is the information submitted to us, by you, via our online enquiry/contact us form, or by emailing us directly.

Should you prefer that your personal/business information is not collected, please instead get in touch with us via other the methods outlined in the ‘contact us’ section of the website.

We do not pass any of your information onto third parties.

The information provided by you will be used only to contact you regarding such matters in which you have enquired, and for future alerts about Voucher Connect.

If you have submitted personal information to us, and wish for such records to be removed, please contact us, outlining the information submitted, and all such records will then be removed.

If you have any questions regarding Voucher Connect’s privacy policy please do not hesitate to contact us.


All transactions are run through our anti-fraud algorithm which scans each voucher individually for signs of suspicious activity. Vouchers that are suspected of fraud are manually reviewed and then released or refunded as soon as possible.


We use ‘session cookies’ to collect information about visitors’ use of our website, including things like connection speed, operating system, and time and duration of visits. This information is used on an aggregate, and not an individual, basis to help provide visitors with a better experience of our website and to enable us collect management information.

We will not personally identify visitors and we will not use cookies to contact you. We are committed to respecting your privacy at all times.

Cookies do not in any way compromise the security of your computer. You can continue to use this website with no loss of functionality if you choose to disable cookies on your computer.

Users of this web site will be required to have ‘cookies enabled’ in order for it to function correctly. It is possible to allow cookies from specific websites by making them ‘trusted websites’ in your internet browser.

AD Tech & Tracking

We suggest you use tools to block this type of traffic. This is the stuff that the EU were probably meant to get awareness of and not harmless cookies. Instead we now have the internet littered with meaningless Cookie Policy banners, pop-ups and snag screens for the sake of ‘compliance’ to a law that fell way short on clarity and missed the point on the dangers of tracking. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.