Customer Journey

Simple and easy to use for your customers

  • 1. Visit your website or premises

    The first step is for your customer either purchase directly in store or to visit your own website. Here they will find a 'Gift Vouchers' link / button on a prominent position on your home page. This will discreetly bring them to the Voucher Connect sales platform at the 'backend' of your website.

  • 2. Select a Product

    Customers choose from the products you have available in your store gift vouchers, special offers, tickets or physical goods.

  • 3. Choose a delivery method

    Once they have made a selection the customer chooses how they would like to receive their product. Print at home, email, scheduled email delivery, postal or click and collect.

  • 4. Making the Payment

    Once a customer has made their selection and inputted the details of their purchase they enter their payment details and checkout securely using one of our payment processors.

  • 5. Redeeming a purchase

    The customer presents their voucher in store and using the unique voucher code the voucher is validated and the redemption takes place.

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