Shop with confidence with Voucher Connect.

We work some of the world’s leading restaurants, hotels, shops and businesses to provide a simple, easy to use platform for consumers to purchase gift vouchers and special offers from their favourite store.

You can buy and print gift vouchers right here. There’s no waiting around and you can give your gift immediately either by email, a printable gift voucher or by selecting our postal delivery choice.

How do I buy a voucher?

Step 1. Find The Store

The first step is to find the store you’re looking for. You can search our site or view all of our listings by map. If you’re not sure of what to get, have a look through our featured stores to see what’s popular with other customers.

Remember, most businesses will link directly to their own store from their own website. In fact, that’s probably how you ended up here.

Step 2. Selecting Your Voucher

Most stores offer a monetary gift voucher option and some will have great special offers that you can buy online.

We’ve worked hard to make the shopping experience as simple to use as possible, no matter what device you’re using.

Select the product or voucher value that you want, choose how many vouchers you want to buy (handy when buying for groups) and select your preferred delivery method.

You will then need to fill in some details about who is getting the voucher and we also give you the opportunity to write a personalised greeting that will appear in the voucher.

Once personalised you are ready to make payment.

Step 3. Making Your Purchase

You’ve now completed all of the voucher options and just need to make the final purchase.

You will be guided to the Credit Card processing facility on our website. Enter your card details and ownership details, confirm your agreement with our terms and conditions and you’re done!

Once a voucher is purchased a number of things happen. You will be able to download a PDF printable voucher with a unique code that represents the voucher value. This code is unique and coincides with both the transaction and your store. These codes can not be generated independently.

Voucher Connect and Security

lockWe take security very seriously. We employ 256bit SSL encryption throughout the site and are fully PCI compliant. Every voucher code is unique and is generated at the time of purchase. The eCommerce Shop element and credit card transactions also take place within a secure environment. Credit Card details are processed by our partners Stripe and RealEx Payments and are never held on our servers.

When the purchase transaction is complete you will receive an email with details of your purchase as well as your receipt. This transaction is recorded and the store is also notified of your purchase. If you have selected Email Delivery we will send an email on your behalf to the intended recipient.

If you have made an error or wish to cancel or refund your purchase you will need to contact the store where you have made the purchase. They and only they will be able to handle any details regarding the purchase. 

Voucher Connect do not have any influence on your credit card transactions. We can not support nor counter claims of failed transactions due to invalid card numbers, insufficient funds or multiple transactions due to customer error on our site. We only validate transactions based on the server response given to us by our merchant partners.

Step 4. Redeeming Vouchers

If you have received a Voucher Connect voucher as a gift and wish to use it then you will need your Unique Voucher Code. This code is clearly printed on the voucher PDF.

We recommend informing the store of this code before entering into a transaction with the business.

With this code the store can validate the remaining value of the voucher using their Voucher Connect Dashboard. Here they will have details of when the voucher was purchased, who purchased it and the remaining balance.