Innovate Your Gift Voucher Strategy with Bonus Products for Greater Returns

Monetary Gift Vouchers for Restaurants Can be a Bit Plain!

Did you know there are countless ways to creatively design how a gift voucher works?

For example, why not set up a series of special occasion gift vouchers with custom images that reflect the event, like Mother’s Day? This approach drives spending and, most importantly, provides a memorable gifting experience for the recipient. Check out our Product Gallery from your Voucher Connect dashboard to see some examples.

Let’s say we want to create a €100 Mother’s Day gift card. We’re going to schedule the voucher.Our custom Gift Voucher will automatically appear on our storefront a week before Mother’s Day, it will disappear from our digital storefront a couple of days after (in case of last-minute shoppers).

We’ve set up a beautiful image for the this Mother’s Day campaign so it pops on our storefront.  

Lastly we’ve created custom Mother’s Day artwork with our business logo for the physical gift card sales. 



It’s safe to say that people won’t be buying the Mother’s Day gift card for themselves, right? Purchasers are likely to be fans or regulars of your business buying a voucher for someone special to them.

So, why not add a little incentive and drive that sale via social channels. That way you can let your customers know why they should buy that occasional gift from you instead of someone else.. 



Buy a €100 Mother’s Day Gift Voucher and receive a voucher for a complimentary glass of bubbles when you join us for lunch this summer. 

The Mother’s Day gift can be posted or emailed to the recipient.  
The purchaser will separately receive their gift voucher for the glass of bubbles. 


Now we can sell a gift voucher that will result in two separate visits

What’s more? We can tailor the incentive as needed. Such as directing the gift voucher  purchaser to join us for a new lunch menu during a quieter trading period.
Because this is a complimentary voucher we can set the terms that the voucher can only be used at specific times and with a set expiry date. 

Check out our guides for adding bonus products to create incentives here


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