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About Flipdish 

Flipdish was born in 2015, when Conor and James McCarthy (yes, they’re brothers) envisioned a new tech offering that kept restaurants in control of their operations and outcomes. We’ve since scaled to a unicorn status (valued at over $1bn), that serves independent restaurants in a world transformed by tech. No matter how fast Flipdish has grown, we’ve evolved around our customers and their needs. We’re not just an end-to-end ecosystem of technology, but a team committed to supporting people in the food industry.

Flipdish integration features

Integrate Flipdish for streamlined online ordering on your website, app, or kiosk. Optimize sales with user-friendly features, enhance order sizes, and cultivate customer loyalty.

✅ Redeem vouchers directly from Flipdish’s Online Ordering App


✅ Redeem vouchers directly from Flipdish Web Online Ordering


✅ Streamline your voucher reporting

Flipdish minimal interface

Compatible with all web technologies

Boost revenue by 62% ?

The gift card solution that costs less and delivers more