The Power of Now!

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Quite possibly the word of the decade. Snap snap snap. People are busy, busy people are demanding. No excuses are acceptable. We, as customers, all have huge, often impossibly met, expectations of service providers. Whether its relates to a morning coffee, an evening take-away, online purchases, or social media (think: Instagram…. its in the name!) – we want instant delivery. We will pay a higher price for faster delivery. We will pay for fast-passes to skip queues in theme parks. This is how important the ‘now’ is to us all. We need instant gratification more and more as a society.

This is why the power of now – of instant delivery – is crucial in your business’ gift voucher solution offering. This is what the customer wants, and this is what they should be offered. In selling your business’ gift vouchers with an instantly-deliverable option, you will be the preferred gift-solution over your competitor who does not.

Gift Vouchers that can be emailed, pdf’d or printed to allow the purchaser to get that immensely satisfying feeling of getting that job done. Ticked off the list. Dealt with. Right here. Right now. No waiting for the product to arrive in the post, and having to forward it on to the recipient, or waiting and wondering if the recipient ever receives it.  Voucher Connect allows you to give your customers what they want. The quick, easy option for gifts, that have an aesthetic wow-factor, and don’t stink of the ‘last-minute-gift’ solution that can take away from the giving of the gift itself.

The Power of Now  – or instant delivery for gift-vouchers, is also more and more relevant to us all because, as we become busier and busier in our work and home lives, other ‘jobs’ constantly get pushed down to the bottom of the do-do list.   It is all about what is urgent and what is important. Everything else gets pushed aside – but all of a sudden, the event that has been penciled in your diary for the last few weeks is now upon you, and you need a gift – NOW.

Signing up to Voucher Connect allows your business to benefit from all of those panic purchases that are made by all of us, on an all-too regular basis. Alongside your mainstream business revenue-flow, with Voucher Connect you will now have an additional revenue source – even if you are already selling Vouchers ‘over-the-counter’ – Voucher Connect allows you to tap into the ever-growing last minute market that is online based. Instant purchasing, instantly delivering, instantly giving.

The power of now is not just for your customers. It’s also important for you. Sign up to Voucher Connect today and see your voucher revenue instantly grow. Instant gratification for you! And remember – if it takes less than TWO minutes to do something, do it NOW! Never underestimate the Power of Now….. take two minutes and sign up to Voucher Connect here.

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