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  •  90%+ consumers will buy or receive a gift voucher each year. 
  • Vouchers are the No. 1 most requested gift.
  • Companies regularly use gift vouchers as employee incentives, instead of cash bonuses.
  • Digital gift vouchers are growing at a rate of 200%(compared to a 5-6% growth rate of physical gift cards).


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  • They increase your customer base, are an inexpensive way of attracting new customers and lead in repeat business. 
  • 70% of customers will spend more than the value of the voucher (nearly 40% more on average!)
  • While there are a ton of stats on voucher redemption rates – anywhere from 2-20+% of vouchers go unredeemed each year – this is a great opportunity for businesses to benefit from customer behaviour.



You’ve heard about Restaurant Diary, Quandoo, Phorest for salons etc.  Well we are that for gift vouchers! We are a parallel ‘software as a service’,  business2business product for Gift Voucher sales, redemption, and management. 

Voucher Connect is a really simple plugin to your existing website, and offers customers a smooth transition between your site and our sales platform. From the business side, the system is easy to use, quick to learn, and customisable to suit your business profile. 

In a few simple steps the client can purchase the voucher of their choice (whether its a cash value or specific product), and are offered the option of email delivery, to print immediately, or for in-store pick up.  Payments are secure and are processed by Stripe.

The vouchers are smart, feature your logo and branding, and provide instant gratification to the purchaser. The customer does not see that you are using a 3rd party service for this product offering.  Whatsmore – they are available for sale all day, every day, and sales are not restrained to your opening hours.

The added benefit for you is that Voucher Connect manages everything. You no longer need to dedicate otherwise busy times like Christmas stuffing vouchers into envelopes and running to the post office.  There is also a really simple to use redemption tool, that you can access from both your office and front desk, to instantly allow the redemption of vouchers, which also gives you an idea of outstanding vouchers to be redeemed and other such interesting stats!

And all of this for only 5% of the voucher value.

Owing to the ease of use, our existing clients see quite a substantial boost in voucher sales once the system is employed on their website, and not one of them has had a minute of bother with Gift Vouchers since.

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  • Custom designed vouchers
  • Complete voucher management platform
  • Special offers can sit alongside traditional gift voucher products
  • Custom expiration dates
  • Bespoke storefront
  • End to end solution
  • Fully brandable
  • Super-low running costs.
  • More customers. More revenue.