How to market your business on Black Friday Weekend

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How to market your business on Black Friday Weekend - Proven Promotional Ideas with real life case studies.

If you haven’t already included Black Friday Weekend in your marketing calendar, now is the time to do so! This year, Black Friday falls on 26th of November with deals continuing up until Monday 29th of November also known as Cyber Monday.

Check out some statistics for the past few Black Fridays:

  • Black Friday 2019 saw 93.2 million buyers shopping online
  • 30% of all retail sales occur from Black Friday till Christmas.
  • About 40% of shoppers made online purchases on Black Friday 2019
  • The average adult plans to spend €350 on Black Friday sales


*statistics according to Spendmenot

Make your Black Friday sales BOOM!

Black Friday Weekend is THE opportunity for businesses to offer sales and promotions on all kinds of goods, typically those suitable for Christmas gifts and holiday decorating are the most popular ones. It also gives a good chance to small businesses to compete with the retail giants, especially now that people are more conscious to #supportlocal economy.

Compete with the GiantsAmazon typically has the widest variety of deals and it also accounts for 54.9% of all sales on Black Friday!

Gift cards continue to be the preferred gift to give because of the convenience to give a gift card as a gift and not have to overthink it. 

Most businesses can sell gift cards for their services and goods and with our gift voucher solution you can start selling in just 5mins. Talk to us today about how we can help you Boost Revenue. 

How to capitalize the Black Friday Frenzy?

  1. Start your promotions early!

As they say ‘an early bird catches the worm’.. Offer an early preview or access to your Black Friday offers. To get people in the mood to shop ahead of the sales period, some businesses kick off holiday campaigns a lot sooner than usual – few even as early as October to make sure to beat the rush.

This will not only help to grab consumer’s attention before holiday advertising peaks, but also encourages shoppers to start adding items to their wishlist – getting ready for the ‘’go time’’!

Use social media or influencers to promote your offers ahead of time.

Example: Missoma Black Friday Early access email capture 

Jewelry brand Missoma combined a Black Friday early access email capture on-site with an influencer strategy that put their products in front of shoppers days in advance.


      2. New Limited Edition Product

Launching a brand new product or service is a good motivation for people to visit your business but it also has one of the biggest impacts. Why not think big and come up with a new product or feature and release it during the Black Friday campaign? 

Create FOMO (fear of missing out) and choose to have the product available only during the Black Friday Weekend with a limited number to sell – think countdown of remaining items. This way you won’t have to use a discount.

Example: Look Fantastic’s Limited Edition Beauty Box

Look Fantastic launches their beauty box each year due to popular demand and sells it for a special price only on 1-2 days during Black Friday Weekend.


    3. Gift Cards or Special Promotions like 2For1

Not a fan of discounts? Instead of cutting the price try to add value by offering a 2for1 or an additional gift card with every purchase during the Black Friday Weekend.

This is a great way to reach more customers giving them a reason to return to your business later to redeem their gift card. 

You can easily automate this campaign with Voucher Connect. With our ‘Bonus Voucher’ or ‘Giveaway’ features we have you covered. Talk to us today!

Learn how to set up a Bonus Voucher with voucher Connect and Read our Help Article Here.

Example: Apple’s Gift Card Offer in 2017 

In 2017 Apple ran a special offer during the Black Friday weekend. They were giving away gift cards with some of their products purchased in store or online. 

During their promotion included you could get i.e a €150 Apple Store Gift Card with Mac, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, including configure-to-order versions, €100 Apple Store Gift Card with iPad pro or €50 Apple Store Gift Card with iPhone 7*.


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