Viral Vouchers

Since the beginning of the epidemic of the Corona Virus in January this year, there has been a global trend of panic buying, stock-piling and hoarding. But as the virus becomes closer and closer to home (regardless of what City or Region you are from) the need to avoid crowded areas, work from home, and stay isolated from your community, becomes more and more a reality.

The slow decline of people spending money on the high-street and in shopping centres, the cancelling of social and sporting events, the reduction in reservations in hotels, and the lack of covers in restaurants highlights the serious and immediate business concerns and implications of COVID-19.


But while we can’t solve all the problems, what we can do is tell you that with Voucher Connect you have such a powerful tool at your finger tips to try and mitigate some of your lost sales during this period of uncertainty.

As a Voucher Connect partner you are allowing your customers spend money with you, and buy from you, all safely online, whether they are stuck in their offices and are afraid to venture out to buy that birthday present or Mother’s Day gift, or they are self-isolating at home but still need to send a friend a thank you present.

Voucher Connect’s platform allows your customers buy special offers and deals (that you can promote on social media to your fans and followers to try and trawl some lost business back), or Gift Vouchers that can be sent via traditional postal fulfilment, or via email for immediate or scheduled delivery.


The benefits of this are twofold – and everyone is a winner:-

  1. Your customers can avoid all human contact and don’t need to venture out to purchase gifts; and
  2. They are now spending their money with you (and not your competitor who may only offer traditional OTC voucher sales). This will go some way in helping to recoup lost revenue while everything is economically up in the air.


So if you aren’t already connected to the Voucher Connect platform, there really is no time like the present. You can set your business up within minutes here, or contact us and we can take you through everything.  There are no sign-up expenses, no contracts, and you receive voucher revenue directly from Stripe, the platform’s payment partner, with no delays. 


If you are a Voucher Connect partner (kudos!) reach out to your customers right now via email and/or social media and scream and shout that you sell your vouchers online. 


Or become a little creative even and put together special Coronavirus offers for your customers (existing and new!) to grab their attention. Offer vouchers with  bonus monetary values or special product packages that they can use when everything is back up and running again.  These sales transactions and consequent cashflow over the next few uncertain weeks may halt scary situations such as not being able to pay staff, having to close your doors temporarily, or not being able to order from suppliers if credit is stopped. 

The Viral Voucher concept can be put together within minutes from your management dashboard  And don’t forget to highlight the benefits of the instant and scheduled delivery options for gifts, so there really will be no doubt in their minds that your Gift Voucher product is the perfect solution for their present problems this virus-season.   

Viral vouchers….? Yes please!

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