Maximising Gift Voucher Sales This Christmas

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Maximising Gift Voucher Sales This Christmas

How to maximise sales this Christmas
Some key things to remember this festive selling season are:

Now that the madness of the Black Friday shopping has settled, it’s time to drive home some really strong voucher sales for December.

For many people, the end-of-November paycheck is the last they will get before Christmas or the one that will be used for the purposes of their seasonal shopping.  The data guys in Voucher Connect HQ report a huge uplift in sales at the start of every month, nonetheless of the time of year, most likely owing to the uplift in everyone’s bank balances.  

Your business, regardless of what end of the service industry you are in, is constantly competing for voucher sales against that restaurant, salon or store that is down the street or across the mall from you.


How to Promote Your Gift Vouchers this Christmas

So with this in mind, over the next few weeks, you should really focus on getting your gift vouchers ‘out there’ via newsletters, social media channels, on premise advertising, or even running a paid campaign online through Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

The more you tell people that your gift vouchers are the ideal gift solution this Christmas, the more you will sell. It really is a simple formula! 


Attract Last Minute Shoppers with Voucher Connects ‘Instant Delivery’ feature!

But what’s really special about Voucher Connect vouchers is that they are, as you know, instantly accessible – so you need to drive this USP home to your customers.  Whether they would like them digitally as a PDF, emailed to them for printing at home or at their desk, or physically via post, your business can make it happen! It’s also a great solution for people looking to buy gifts for people overseas (think Gary in Austrialia buy a salon voucher for his mum in Ireland…)

Plant the seed that people can get friends and family ticked off their shopping lists directly from their kitchen tables or office desks…..   Don’t be shy about sending out regular tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts telling your followers about your gift offerings. Stick a sign up at your front desks advertising gift vouchers, or scream if from your shop window (WE DO VOUCHERS)….

Last Minute Christmas Gifts
Useful Tools for Marketing

And remember there are fanatic online tools out there such as MailChimp and Canva which allow you to easily design up attractive emails and newsletters that you can send out to your customer lists to bump up your voucher sales this festive season.

As always, we are here to help, so if you have any queries or issues, or need help creating products or special offers in your dashboard get in touch at

Happy Selling! Tis the season…..

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