How to to use the product gallery


This article explain how to add our recommended products to your storefront in just one click.

You want to offer some extra products to your customers but you can’t quite think of an idea or you haven’t had the time to add one to your store, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.. you can now add our recommended products in just a one click!

Let me show you how..

Login to your Voucher Connect dashboard and click the Products tab from the menu.

On the left hand side, hit Recommended products.



You can then choose to create and add any of the products from the library to your storefront. All products have built in schedules and details which can be customised at the next stage.



If you’re happy with how everything looks, you can add this straight to your storefront by clicking Add to your storefront. It’s that simple! Your product will now appear on your storefront during the pre-set scheduled dates.



If you choose to customise the product, you will be brought to the product setup page where you can change the name, schedule, images etc..

Make sure to browse through our library of recommended products and let us save you the time of setting products up from scratch 😊

We hope this helps. If you run through any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our team will help you through it.


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